• Pet Vaccination

    If you have recently welcomed a new pet into your family, we invite you to visit our animal Clinic to receive a wellness exam and pet vaccinations. As part of our puppy and kitten care program, we offer the puppy/kitten shot series. Young animals receive initial immunization protection from their mother’s milk. Once a young animal is weaned, however, this protection fades. Since a young animal’s immune system is still developing, a series of regular booster shots will provide ongoing immunization protection until the immune system fully matures.

    Pet Vaccination
  • Pet Surgery

    Pet surgery is usually not something pet owners want to think about, but is often necessary for the health of an animal. we go out of our way to make the surgical experience as easy for the patient and his or her owner as possible. We employ a knowledgeable and compassionate veterinary staff who will treat your pet with the utmost care.

    Pet Surgery
  • Digital Radiography(X-ray)

    A radiograph, commonly called an x-ray, is a black and white two-dimensional image of the interior of a body. An image is generated by passing radiation through a particular structure or area, such as the chest or a limb, and the image is then captured. The traditional way of recording the image is on specific x-ray film that senses how much radiation passes through the structure and reaches the film, much like photographic film captures light.

    Digital Radiography(X-ray)
  • Dental Care

    Dental care is an essential part of caring your pet. Dental disease is the most common disease in dogs and cats. We deal with common dental problem like broken teeth, root canals, periodontal disease to condition involving major oral surgery. We also perform dental cleaning procedures with dental scaling.

    Dental Care

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